Project Hive

Official Project Hive Whitepaper, last updated April 2022

For crypto enthusiasts and gamers by crypto enthusiasts and gamers

Project Hive is built by developers and gamers, inspired by such big names in the industry as 'Cyberpunk 2077', 'Ghostrunner' and 'Combats'. The Steam platform with its workshop gave us an idea for our own similar in-game space. Our project allows artists to create content and add it into the game, using voting and profit-sharing mechanics. We believe that only with the voice of our community, together, something truly unique and attractive can be built.

The times when games were a waste of our valuable time have passed. Today, with the power of blockchain tech and modern economics models we can redefine the genre and give the power of an in-game shop to our community. Game's economy is built by our players which can finally benefit from the project's success and its income. Create items and skins, earn in-game currency, make decisions about the future development, trade on the open market and have fun all the way around by simply playing a very entertaining, high quality game.

The team behind Project Hive values the product's quality almost as high as it values the community built around it. All 3D models in our game have been created by renowned artists and tokenized afterwards to provide the community with a full control over their in-game property. Also, we have built a convenient solution to let anyone create texture’s and model's skins for in-game 3D items and earn from those artworks.

Project Hive is a Play-to-Earn turn-based RPG with a focus on PVP, featuring NFT items, a Clans system, high-quality 3D graphics and a PVE campaign.

Most of in-game playable items are represented in the form of NFTs - transferable and tradeable assets. Players remain in full control over their in-game property. Such approach also allows creating, upgrading and trading of NFTs to receive additional income and participate in the actual game development.

Clans system is a core, unique part of Project Hive gameplay and is our most advanced in-game mechanic. It allows our players to:

— Join massive multiplayer PvP events

— Achieve exceptional clan bonuses

— Take part in the most challenging PVE content

— Receive enormous rewards from conquering territories

In Hive's ecosystem players will be able to earn and spend IGTs (Inner Game Tokens), HGTs (Hive Governance Tokens) and SOL.

Players receive tokens as a reward for different activities:

— Territory wars (bi-weekly Clan vs Clan multiplayer battles with huge rewards)

— PvP duels and PVE chapters (limited daily rewards)

— PVP ranking season (repeatable event)

— Create and/or join a clan (additional daily rewards)

— Trading NFTs on the Marketplace

Players use tokens to power up and earn the most:

— Crafting and merging of NFT items (endless combinations with unlimited variety)

— Creating in-game avatars - CyberConstructs (up to 10 per account)

— Purchase NFT items and skins from Marketplace (weapons & armour)

— DAO mechanics (vote for different initiatives and receive rewards)

— Bidding for the right to participate in Territory Wars

Benefits for Community of Artists

We want more people from the gaming industry to benefit from the Project Hive ecosystem. For the first time in blockchain gaming, artists are able to offer their texture's and model's skins designs for regular community voting events. Skins that win the vote will be introduced inside the game and are tradeable on the open market. All traded skins are subject to a predetermined fee which will be paid to the skin's author.

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