Inner token. General information

IGT (Immersion Generation Token) is the main game token of Project Hive ecosystem. It's both minted on SOL network and private in-game chain, and could be transferred between chains freely. Token supply is unlimited, but we've made sure to have an economic model that balances supply and demand, based on players' activity. We believe that in the long-run, such an approach is the only way to stabilize token price and the economy as a whole.

‌Our players come first, so in-game basic mechanics are built on private chain to provide players with most comfortable, fast and cheap solution. Main idea behind such complicated solution is that players should play the game, not play with blockchain TXs and calculate fees instead of having fun.

Play the game, not the chain

‌We've built our ecosystem with a thought that every person could play our game, not just crypto-enthusiasts formidable with blockchain tech.Anyone with cyber construct bundle can play our game freely, fight monsters, compete in PVP, craft items to burst power of characters and take part in other activities, and never even think about all this happens on blockchain.

Expand horizons

‌Project Hive is a blockchain based play-to-earn game. And all our players could benefit from that. We effectively gave power of in-game donation shop to players. Players receive IGT from basic in-game daily activities, such as fighting PVE battles, competing with others in PVP and other events. IGT could then be spent to power up characters with sophisticated crafting systems and receive greater rewards. But that's not all, any player has another way. IGT could be transferred outside the private chain into the SOL network and traded freely on the open market.

Hive's ideology

‌We don't really have donation currency in Project Hive. We have a single main asset, acquired by players which could be sold to other players instead.

Real blockchain adoption comes with real people usage of blockchain assets. We strongly believe that the gaming industry fits the most for such adoption. By playing Project Hive, gamers can earn enough for living, while others can grow in power, collect items and compete with each other in the most challenging content - that's been our main goal.

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