Craft System

In Project Hive, players can create truly unique NFT items using IGT.

Craftable items:

1. CyberConstructs — Player’s in-game character. Weapons and Armor can be equipped on the CyberConstruct

2. Weapons — Project Hive has 12 types of weapons to choose from

3. Armor — Armor is split into 5 categories: Head, Body, Legs,Arms and Feet

4. Pets - your in-game assistants and mascots

NFT item's qualities:

Items have quality when CyberConstructs do not.

List of item's qualities:








Items Crafting System:

First, Player chooses which type of NFT items to craft. After that, the game constructs an item of a random class, attributes, Float and of “Poor” grade quality.

“Float” is a random number within a certain range,which depends on the item's quality grade, that is assigned to every newly crafted item. The number is a multiplier for an item's stats and attribute values of the NFT item, and also its appearance. Float number changes based on the item merging result.


Players can merge NFT items with the same name, type and of equal quality. The resource used for the merging process in Project Hive is IGT.

Principles of merging NFT items:

Attributes are transferred to the created item according to:

- A single Attribute with the largest Float

- Similar attributes on both items

If the number of free Attribute slots in the received item is greater than the number of unique attributes on the item, then they are filled with randomly selected attribute numbers.

Item Enhancement Mechanics

To further improve an item, the player can purchase a special enhancement item in the in-game shop using HGT.

In case of a successful enhancement attempt item gets quality upgrades (+1, +2, +3 modifiers, etc.).

There is also a so-called 'crafting success rate' that affects the possibility of success or failure of item enhancement. The player does not lose the NFT If enhancement attempt fails.

Enhancement modifier doesn't transfer during merging process.

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