IGT in Crafting

Crafting is a core system of Project Hive. All spendings and earnings, and game economy itself is based on this system. Through thorough research of best RPG, Gacha and Collecting oriented games examples, Hive’s team created this masterpiece, taking the best of all worlds.

There are 7 grades of items. The lowest grade is crafted with IGT. Player chooses to craft weapon or armor. Resulting item is of a random slot, type, stats and attributes. If the resulting item is of the wrong type and/or slot, or didn’t acquire necessary stats and attributes, it could be traded to acquire needed item via crafting attempt or purchased on the marketplace.

When a player has 2 identical items of the same type and slot, those could be combined into a higher grade with 100% probability, using IGT as a catalyst. The resulting item will inherit type, slot, stats and attributes of initial items, based on float and inheritance mechanisms. Endless variations of player generated items will be used in-game and traded by players on marketplace, fueling Project Hive economic model.

Initial crafting rates are in the table below. Those are subject to change, based on economic conditions. Price of crafting could be increased or decreased, based on players activity in a predetermined range. Crafting price will never get lower than the initial rate and will slowly grow, based on the number of active players.

All tokens spent in crafting are totally burned to stabilise inflow and outflow amounts of IGT in Hive’s economy.


Items to Craft

Tokens per Item

Total Items to Craft

Total Tokens to Craft



150 IGT


150 PBT



300 IGT


600 PBT



450 IGT


1 650 PBT



750 IGT


4 050 PBT



1 200 IGT


9 300 PBT



1 950 IGT


20 550 PBT



3 150 IGT


44 250 PBT

Attributes and stats value of crafted item is based on its grade, float value and initial items attributes and stats used to combine a new one.

Stats and attributes of items' basic value grow naturally with each grade. But every item is different, because of introduced float and inheritance mechanisms. Almost impossible to find 2 absolutely identical items in our game, even of the lowest grade.

Float mechanism provides additional rarity to crafted items. It’s randomly generated for every crafted item during the initial craft at poor grade, ranging from 0,3 to 1. With each following craft, the number will grow or fall randomly in a predetermined range. All attributes and stats are multiplied by the float number, so the same grade items will never be equal. Even the higher grade item with low float number will lose to a lower grade item with much higher float.

Also, float mechanism affects visual representation of a particular item. The higher the float value, the better the item's base model and skin will look like.

Inheritance system makes it possible for players to focus on a particular build, choosing legacy attributes for crafted items. If initial items had a higher amount of different attributes than the legacy item could have, then the inherited stats will be chosen, based on their proximity to the maximum possible value on initial items. If the different attributes amount was lower, then all attributes will be inherited to a new item and additional attributes will be chosen randomly from the pool of attributes generated for a particular item.

Players should craft better gear to take part in daily activities and numerous events. Better items make it possible to acquire higher PVE rewards by challenging harder content, and are essential for PVP and Guild War activities.

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