Seasonal Arena Ladder

Seasonal Arena Ranking event allows any player to take part in PVP arena fights during recurring season. Progress through ranking tiers to the TOP to acquire respective rewards by the season's end.

Results of recurring season affects the starting PVP rank during the following season.

TOP tiered PVP players receive HGT as one of rewards for Seasonal Arena Ranking event.

Players do not receive any ranking points for PVE fights and training PVP battles without energy, and their outcome does not affect the ranking system.

Player's rating can be found near his nickname and is visible to opponents in PvP combats.

PVP Rating boosts:

  • The player wins a PvP fight;

  • The player participates in a special PvP event and complies with its rules and conditions.

PVP Rating downgrades:

  • The player loses a PvP fight under normal conditions;

  • The player fails to restore a stable internet connection with the game server. Whenever there is no internet connection from one of the combatants, the fight pauses for 1 minute. If there are more than 3 consistent disconnects from a single opponent, or 1 recurring disconnect continues for more than 1 minute, Auto-Battle mode turns on (can be turned off in the game settings);

  • The player leaves the game during a PvP fight.

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