Control mechanics

Our economic model is built on a fundamental principle of ever growing prices of crafting and controlled farming rewards. Initially, as our player base is rather low, crafting prices are low as well, which makes it possible to craft around 5.8 artifact grade items daily per 1000 players. But with the growth of player base, crafting expenditures will also grow and with 10 000 players, the maximum amount of artifacts crafted daily equals around 30 items. Also, tokens spent in crafting got burned.

Initial farming rewards are fixed at 250 maximum IGT per character per day. Maximum of 250 000 tokens will be minted per 1000 players daily. To decrease inflation rate in the beginning, we decided to set up MGT staking pool, which will reward HGT token holders with 10 000 000 IGT tokens in total at the game release. So instead of more than 100% daily inflation, it will be limited to around 10% in the worst case scenario. Inflation rate will decrease naturally, because more tokens will flow into the market. But as the number of players goes up, we will closely monitor minted tokens amount on a daily basis, compare it to players expenditures and control the inflation rate this way. Making it so the number of tokens burned with crafting comes close to the total minted tokens amount.

At later stages of our development, when all IGT flows stabilise, our team will provide DAO with a control of the game's economy. All rewards amounts and crafting prices will be under DAO control eventually.

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