Skins Loot boxes system

To provide even more rarienes to in-game items and support our community of artists, we introduce a Skin Loot box system.

Artists can draw a skin under a predetermined basic pattern. Patterns represent a particular in-game item (weapon or armor). Every skin will have a strict automatic and manual pre-moderation. Moderation rules will be posted in a workshop interface of the marketplace. After listing, skins appear in a preview interface of the marketplace. Every player will be able to check an in-game 3D model and an NFT look of a particular skin.

Afterwards, skins could get into Loot boxes upon a voting event. After the voting event concludes, a Loot box with a particular number and type of skins will be available to drop in PVE with energy game mode as an additional reward. To open a Loot box, players have to either acquire a key in PVP fights with a certain chance or purchase it from an in-game shop. Price of a key to be determined depending on the market conditions with an initial price of 10USD equivalent in HGT.

Holders voted for a winning skin will receive this skin with a predetermined chance.

Loot boxes and skins are all tradeable, one-time-use NFTs and could be used by players or traded on NFT marketplace. Keys can’t be traded or transferred and could also be used only once.

All trades on the marketplace are subject to a predetermined fee. If a trade involves a skin in any form, it’s author receives part of a trading fee, no matter if such skin is trading as is or it’s an item with this skin applied.

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