At its core, Project Hive is a turn-based RPG, featuring PVP and PVE battles. Players will craft NFT equipment and in-game abilities, which are called Protocols. Winning will reward players with IGT, HGT or SOL

Core principles of Combat system:

  • Low barrier for entry

  • The game will feature 1v1, 3v3 in the game’s PVP and PVE modes - and also 3v1 Boss PVE Battles

  • Player has to create or purchase CyberConstruct (in-game avatar) to start playing the game. CyberConstructs equip various NFT items (armor & weapon)

  • Players will create a unique character build, using NFT-based equipment (armor & weapons), as well as Protocols of their choice

  • Each piece of armor and weapon is a one-of-a-kind item, with a unique set of attributes, basic stats and attributes, based on their combinations

  • Players will acquire Protocols by playing through the PVE campaign. Our vision is the Protocol system will allow players to build vastly different decks, and experiment with Protocol synergy, allowing for in-depth customization

Energy charges

CyberConstructs have a limited number of available energy charges which restores on a daily basis. For PvE battles, the energy charge is used by default when entering the arena and can't be turned off. In PVP fights player has to specifically use the energy charge prior the opponents search to be able to claim the reward and rating. Otherwise, the PVP fight is considered as a training fight and won't provide both opponents with any benefits except player's personal skill and experience growth.

Class System:

There is no traditional class-based system in Project Hive. Players gain the initial class skills by equipping CyberConstruct with weapon and armor pieces of the same set. After that CyberConstruct should be considered as ready to play and acquire its class.

Weapons and armor pieces from different sets can't be equipped together outside the certain class. However, CyberConstruct can change its class simply by equipping a different set of items.

Additional skills to be acquired by playing PVE campaign. Any class can gain access to any skills except class-specific ones. We believe that such system will bring a huge number of different builds for experiments as well as let players keep their individuality.


The game will feature 4 class Archetypes, and 22 Classes within them.

The Archetype defines the general specification of the character - a Tank, a Damage Dealer, etc

The Class will specify the individual gameplay features of the character.

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