Clan Wars System

Clan War is a recurring bi-weekly multiplayer PvP event. Clans fight with each other to take control over a particular territory (Cell in Hive). Conquered territory provides passive income rewards for a winning clan.

Only one Cell is available to conquer at the time of release. However, the number of Cells will grow eventually, based on the marketplace activity. All Cells are formed due to the amount of fees received from company's funds invested in different outside staking pools. Those fees are paid to Cells holders on a bi-weekly basis.

Prior the game launches, our team will fully fund the initial Cell's staking pool with funds collected from HGT sales rounds. The first Cell rewards will be paid in SOL as a first pool of team's choice.

Part of fees from operations on the marketplace got transfered into the different outside staking pools. DAO community votes for a pool of choice for every cell, except the first one. In the end, our community will decide to lower the risk and reward, or maybe high risk cells will appear eventually with insane potential gains.

New Cell forms after a certain amount of fees get collected from the marketplace trades. The amount is subject to change due to a DAO voting event.

Cells ownership resets bi-weekly. The number of Cells will always be limited, while the player base will constantly grow. Clans have to join a Bidding Auction, to get an opportunity for a fight.

Bidding Auction is a time-limited reccuring in-game event with real-time bidding mechanics. All clans are allowed to bid regardless of their rank or number of members. Top two bidders for each Cell will fight each other in a Clan Battle. After the fight is over, the winning clan receives both bids minus a small fee, from the winner and loser. All other bids return to bidding clans. The Auction process is a part of the Clan Contract mechanics.

Clan Contract mechanics:

  • Clan leader activates the option for all clan members to enter the bidding process at his wish;

  • Clan members receive the Clan Contract alert, meaning that they can start making personal bids. Players enter the number of HGT through an application form available in the Clan Contract window;

  • All bidding clan members are shown in a list with their personal bids and a total reserved amount of HGT;

  • Clan Leader selects 16 clan members who will participate in the Territory War;

  • If clan wins the fight, all personal bids return to clan members respectively.

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