Protocol Skill System


The Protocols are key to winning any battle in the Hive. Each is a unique ability - some will damage or disable enemies, others will defend your CyberConstruct and boost its strength.

To participate in Battle, Player needs to equip a full deck of 30 Protocols.

Players can change Protocols within their Hive Deck, allowing players to try out different tactics in combat. That way, every combat deck is unique, and every battle is unlike the previous one.

Players select a deck of Protocols that form their Hive Deck. Each Hive Deck is unique and can reflect the player's motives and playstyle.

Each Class has its own set of Protocols to choose from.Each protocol in the game is an active skill of a certain class, with unique properties and animations.

Players improve their Protocols while playing the game and performing various activities in it. Progressing through PVE content and winning in PVE fights, players acquire additional Protocols. Protocols removed from the Hive Deck will be added to the CyberConstruct's inventory, and can be used to upgrade other protocols, brought back into the skill deck or traded on the open market.

Players can change Protocols within their Hive Deck, allowing players to try out different tactics in combat.

Protocols are NFT items and have 7 quality grades. All newly acquired Protocols have “Poor” grade quality. Players must win PvE battles to acquire new protocols and improve existing ones by merging them.

Improving Protocols will boost their characteristics and stats.

Hive Deck

The Hive Deck consists of 30 Protocols, no more than 3 Regular Protocols of the same type - or 1 Ultimate. Create multiple Hive Decks to be prepared for any type of opponent!

Protocol Types:

Attack Protocols

The Attack Protocols are designed to deal Physical or Cyber damage to your opponent. You can have no more than 6 Attack Protocols in your Hive Deck.

Defense Protocols

Defense Protocols - use them to shield yourself from Physical and Cyber damage. You can have no more than 6 Defense Protocols in your Hive Deck.

Utility Protocols

Utility Protocols, made to turn the tides of battle in your favor. Some will increase your power, others will make opponents weaker. The Hive Deck Limit for Utility Protocols is 18.

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