Game farming/mining

Our team values community the most, above everything else. The Hive is created for the gamers, by the gamers, as we've mentioned many times. We decided to reserve this branch for different community motivation initiatives. Both, in-game and through whole crypto world, and beyond.

In-game initiatives include, but not limited to everything we're gonna develop after initial release. We can't predict with 100% certainty where this development leads us and what new features added into the game. Be it one-time-only events or creation of new Alliance system, widening the idea of clan wars, or something even more exciting.

Also, we have to remain in control of the token's economy inside the game, playing a role of central bank in times of need. If community driven economy faces an issue impossible to resolve by market's invisible hand, this fund also will come into play. In our further development, our team also plans to provide this control to our DAO initiative and its participants.

Game farming/mining wallet unlocks in 1 month after TGE with 182 700 000 HGT.

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