Team has plans for a huge marketing campaign through all development stages of Project Hive. AMA's in most reliable tg groups, Youtube videos, articles in different social medias and many others are planned during all product's cycles. Some of such marketing efforts will need additional funding from our team, so we reserve a huge portion of total tokens amount for our marketing campaign.

Marketing in crypto also comes in hand with business development, such as partnerships, CEX listings, audits, advisors and many more. So we decided to combine our marketing and business development budgets into one huge pack.

Main goal of this package is to push our product into masses, create awareness, attract new players into our game and holders in our DAO.

Total amount of tokens reserved for this branch is 1 260 000 000, or 7% of total supply. No tokens will be spent, unless absolutely necessary and we couldn't find another source of funding for particular effort or make a barter agreement. Initial circulating supply for this branch is 10%. Unlock begins at TGE with a 3 months cliff afterwards.

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