Battle System

The core gameplay mechanics consist of two types of battles: Player vs Player and Player vs AI.

Participation in daily in-game PvP/PvE activities is the primary source of IGT.

The game will feature 1v1, 3v3 in the game’s PVP and PVE modes - and also 3v1 Boss PVE Battles.

PvP actions available in the game:

  • Arena battles with randomly selected players among the same rank

  • Territory Wars for taking control over the specific locations (Hive cells)

  • Recurring in-game events

PvE actions available in the game:

  • PVE chapters

  • Recurring in-game events

  • Epic Boss Battles

Cyber construct resources utilized during battles:

Hit Points [HP] - also health points. Whenever HP drops to zero, the player loses.

Initiative [ITE] - turn order will be decided by the Initiative attribute of the players in battle. High Initiative increases the chance of you starting first, but does not guarantee it. An Initiative indicator is shown to the players at the beginning of each round.

CyberConstruct Attributes:

There are 24 in-game Attributes in Project Hive. 6 Main Attributes 18 Secondary attributes

Player’s combat actions:

Battle phases:

Pre-pick Phase

Before entering the Battle, Players will choose up to 3 protocols and change them to different ones from your Hive Deck.

Initiative Phase

Turn order will be decided by The Initiative of you and your opponent. High Initiative increases the chance of a player starting first - but does not guarantee it.

Player Turn Phase

Select three Protocols to use in this turn. Choose them before the timer runs out - or else they will be chosen at random.

Players can hover over the Protocol with the cursor to learn about its mechanics. Insert the Protocol into the Hive Socket to equip it.

After choosing a Protocol, you’ll have 3 seconds to remove them from the Hive Socket. Then, the Protocol locks in.

After First Turn

Every subsequent Turn, a Protocol from the Player’s Hive Deck will be added to the Hand.

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