Defining a Tier

To determine the possible content of different quality Loot boxes, we needed to make an initial decision over skin quality. Usually, the decision making process over final quality of particular skin involves a combination of automatic and manual choices made by game developers, based on a skin's graphic quality and personal tastes of a limited number of decision makers. Proving Project Hive’s system is more community oriented, our team introduced a simple pre-voting event process to determine an initial skin quality. Every player in our game will have a number of Likes bound to an in-game account. Minimum number of Likes a player receives every day is 1, while the maximum number is 20, depending on HGT total and personal holdings of every player inside the game wallet.

Every player has to give Likes to previewed items, to receive final daily in-game reward. Daily rewards won’t depend on the number of Likes a player has. Mechanics, similar to daily Log-in rewards in other games. Based on the total number of Likes received from players during the preview process, skins will receive personal ratings, which defines their tiers. Our system will automatically choose which skins will get into a voting event for a particular Loot box at the end of the preview period, depending on the number of likes. The more Likes skin has, the better its chances to get into a voting event for a higher quality Loot box.

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