Daily earnings

There are two main activities in Project Hive players can take part in on every day basis, PVE and PVP fights. Energy to play those fights is limited and restored each day. Players should decide if they want to fight PVE chapters with rewards, spend this energy for PVP rewards or do a bit of both.

Daily rewards are limited to the amount of energy each player has. We plan to make it so players can fully spend their energy pool in 30 minutes of playing on average . Amount of characters is limited to 10 per account. So a player can decide if he wants to just play the game casually for 30 minutes, or earn more rewards with other characters as well and spend up to almost 5 hours playing daily.

Initially, each player is able to earn up to 250 IGT with in-game rewards daily. This number can be lower, based on activities players take part in. For PVE activities rewards are lower initially, but scale with PVE progression. For PVP activities, players get the same daily rewards per each winning fight, but get reduced rewards if they lose the fight.

Each activity type has its own, unique rewards. For PVE fights, players will get higher rewards as they progress with the story and fight more powerful enemies. Also, players receive treasure chests, which will reward with weapon and armor skins of different quality upon opening. To open such a chest, a special key has to be used, which drops from PVP fights, rewarded for events or could be purchased in shop for HGT.

In PVP activities, as we consider it as a more challenging and competitive content, players have higher IGT rewards initially for winnings, than playing in PVE. Progress in PVP tier, will also benefit players with additional rewards, including, but not limited to Loot boxes keys and HGT for weekly ladder.

As the in-game rewards are a huge part of Project Hive economy, rewards amount is a subject to change, based on players activity and market conditions. It could be lowered to decrease inflation rate or raised to stimulate economy and players progression, but it will never be higher than the initial rate.

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