Clan Battle

Clan Battle occurs between 2 clans that have made the highest bids during the Bidding Auction. Only 16 players from each clan take part in Territory War. Clan Leader has to choose a fighting team from the list of bidders formed during the Bidding Auction.

  • Each clan member from both sides participate in a separate 1vs1 PvP fight;

  • Player has 3 fights each with a different opponent from the rivaling clan;

  • Opponents are selected randomly;

  • The winning Clan is determined by the number of points gained by its fighting team in PvP fights (5 points for each victory);

  • For players who have a winning streak (non-interrupted sequence of victories in fights), points are allocated according to the following scheme: first victory — 5 points; second consecutive victory — 10 points; third consecutive victory — 15 points;

  • Each participant can earn a maximum of 30 points;

  • If player loses a fight, the winning streak is over;

  • Player also wins a fight if there is no rivaling opponent found during matchmaking.

Clan Battle Recap:

  • A clan that manages to take over a Cell receives rewards in HGT taken from its opponent's bet;

  • Clan leader can single handedly spread those tokens between clan members;

  • All bidded tokens of winning clan members got unlocked and return to owners;

  • Clan members of the winning clan receive 3 extra energy charges per day to be spent in daily PVP and PVE fights.

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