Loot box voting event

Each Loot box has its own voting schedule, amount of time it appears in the game's drop list and the minimum number of skins to pick from initial pre-voting list. If the minimum number of skins doesn’t exist in the market at the time voting event begins, a new Loot box can’t be formed and the voting event will be canceled. In such a case, previous Loot box of the same quality will continue to exist in a drop list in the form of an additional Loot box, until a new voting event begins.

Loot box TierCommonRareLegendary

Voting event schedule


Two months


Loot box exists

6 months

5 months

3 months

T0 Skins




T1 Skins




T2 Skins




There are no restrictions on how many skins appear in preview interface at any particular time. However, only the best will be chosen for a voting event, based on the number of likes. At least 10 skins should be present until the voting event begins. The maximum number of skins is also limited, depending on Loot box type.

All skins in preview interface will lose acquired likes quarterly, after the legendary box voting event, no matter how long a skin has been listed in preview interface. Artists should relist their skins, after the quaterly legendary box voting event, to take part in a new preview season.

After a skin successfully passes a voting process, it locks in workshop and can’t get listed for a preview again.

After the voting event concludes, chosen skins receive their rarity and drop chance, accordingly. All of the rest will get back into the preview interface without losing accumulated likes. Only 10 skins with the most bets will make it into the Loot box. The higher the bets per particular skin, the higher its rarity gonna be and the lower the drop rate becomes inside the Loot box.

There is a fee for every bet deducted from a total number of betted HGT at the event conclusion. Initial fee is 0.5% and is a subject to change under DAO decision later on. 0.25% are paid to artists, proportionally to HGT amount betted for a particular skin. 0.25% is a company fee.

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